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Flow Maxxing Gauge

Flow Maxxing Gauge is a gauge that hosts Velocimeter Token LP with ability to stake and lock. When users choose to exercise their oToken to LP, the contract will build their LPs and stake them into the Flow Maxxing Gauge. Locking period can vary depending on the user's "exercise LP" discount choice. The attractive part of the Flow Maxxing Gauge is that it allows users to earn more rewards by receiving:

  1. A better discount on oToken exercising
  2. Revenue from exercise cost as a rewards for staking LP:
    • This is a revenue sharing mechanism that allows users to earn a portion of the exercise cost paid by other users.
    • This revenue is always a reputable coin like wrapped gas token of chain.
This can be considered as a way to get paid by the people that only wish to sell the reward token to your LP