👀 This documentation is a work in progress and subject to FLOWing changes. Velocimeter ships a lot of upgrades, and documentation might be lagging.



Velocimeter, is a Decentralized Exchange on the Fantom, Base, Canto, and Mantle blockchains. Each instance of Velocimeter is not fungible with the others. For example, on Base, the token is $BVM, and on Fantom it is $FVM. They are subject to different values and uses.

All instances can be accessed via the protocol supported site at (opens in a new tab).

Velocimeter dex allows users to do the following:

  • swap tokens

  • provide liquidity

  • farm the Token of that instance

  • vote on how emission are directed

  • receive voter bribes

    Before using Velocimeter, you are required to read and agree to our legal disclaimer.

Where does this project come from?

Velocimeter is a project built based on the original designs of Andre Cronje's Solidly (opens in a new tab) which was later revised and made wildly successful by Velodrome Finance (opens in a new tab).

WTF is a velocimeter?

Velocimetry (opens in a new tab) is the measurement of the velocity of fluids. A velocimeter is a tool that is used to measure fluid dynamics. We felt this is analogous to what is happening in our AMM & gauges; "Liquidity" is added, moved around, and "flows" in and out of it.