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Velocimeter v3

Velocimeter v3 is a major upgrade to the Velocimeter v2. It introduces a number of improvements and new features.

Velocimeter v3 has introduced these improvements:

The new ability to kill gauge completely let's us create gauges of new types for our existing pairs.

Previously users could not vote after veNFT had been reset in the same epoch, causing disruption in transferring and selling veNFT. In v3 reset does not count as vote anymore. You are now able to reset a veNFT and vote with it in same epoch. Note, that you can't reset veNFT after you voted with it in the epoch as it will result in vote miscalculation.

Ability to split an NFT in the same way as one is able merge NFTs. When one splits an NFT, one defines the amounts one wants to receive. The lock duration of both will equal the initial lock duration.

This simply was a safe guard to stop people voting on gauges that are restricted

New features:

Ability to set an override fee parameter on per pool basis. This essentially allows us to control fees on certain pools, such as compounder dumping pools, as well as adjusting fees for specific scenarios keeping in mind the volumes such pools produce.

Another important addition to this new version is settable emissions in Minter contract within predefined MIN/MAX range. Basically, this means we can reduce or increase amount of emissions on per epoch basis. This becomes especially handy in periods we think we need to incentivize LP more or less.

Maximum duration of veNFT lock has been reduced to 6 months.

Velocimeter v3 is still 100% immutable. However it comes with possibility for constants improvements and new feature implementations without redeploys.

  1. a liquidity pool factory registry, which allows us to add new liquidity pool types (eg. concentrated, multi-tokens, custom pools);
  2. a gauge factory registry, to allow us support maintenance for these new pool type gauges and reward contracts;
  3. a bribe factory registry.

These is a huge update, that requires a separate section to explain.

New gauge type for FLOW x Wrapped Gas Token pool. This is another big token that requires a separate section to explain.