Velocimeter Launch

V2 Contract Addresses

Contract NameContract AddressNetwork
FLOW0xB5b060055F0d1eF5174329913ef861bC3aDdF029 (opens in a new tab)Canto
GaugeFactory0xA7c622Fb04208611b3F7d527249ba9FAa3fDd2a5 (opens in a new tab)Canto
BribeFactory0x673b71d631DD5d91c4f7a5cA31772a516CFb8Be2 (opens in a new tab)Canto
WrappedBribeFactory0xEA9E24a2979D4ACbdB4CCE6608F6C45F9c4421d7 (opens in a new tab)Canto
PairFactory0xF80909DF0A01ff18e4D37BF682E40519B21Def46 (opens in a new tab)Canto
Router0x8e2e2f70B4bD86F82539187A634FB832398cc771 (opens in a new tab)Canto
VelocimeterLibrary0x7Bb1526A868E2E34DbBc0803Dfff12D9542900E0 (opens in a new tab)Canto
VeArtProxy0xBfd6332aE9c8eD8597E7C29984AAF843ce80b797 (opens in a new tab)Canto
VotingEscrow0x8E003242406FBa53619769F31606ef2Ed8A65C00 (opens in a new tab)Canto
RewardsDistributor0x73278a66b75aC0714c4B049dFF26e5CddF365c85 (opens in a new tab)Canto
Voter0x8e3525Dbc8356c08d2d55F3ACb6416b5979D3389 (opens in a new tab)Canto
Minter0x41dc163DA8E280743585fde657cFC8937b0c7F9B (opens in a new tab)Canto
Flow Convertor0x63dF314EA0912412ff1cDC5A43585477d08CE5e9 (opens in a new tab)Canto
Flow Vester0x334ee44fB4d7dC560c51969fE5B9cb5AEfA24519 (opens in a new tab)Canto

Difference from Velocimeter and Velodrome

  • Use trading fees as external bribes. In contrast to Velodrome, Velocimeter takes the trading fees of liquidity pools with gauges and sends them as external bribes for that respective pool. USDC and FLOW trading fees directly bribe upcoming voters to direct their votes to the USDC:FLOW pool. Velocimeter believes this creates a much better voting experience as voters clearly can see what they will get, rather than wait to see what trading fees they happen to accumulate in the week following their vote.
  • Trading fees without gauges. With pairs that don't have a gauge, or have a gauge what was "killed", the trading fees are sent to the tank (opens in a new tab).

Differences from Solidly and Velodrome (inherited by Velocimeter)

Major changes

  • One vote per epoch. In Velocimeter, voters are only allowed to make "active" voting decisions (i.e. vote and reset) once per epoch. Voters must wait until the next epoch to change their votes. Voters can, however, cast their votes throughout the epoch.
  • Killable gauges. To dissuade emissions exploitation via dummy gauges, we're allowing the Velocimeter Council of Velocimetry (akin to Curve's Emergency DAO) to kill any "bad" gauges. The Council is composed of individuals from varying parties meant to serve as a credibly neutral decision-maker for the broader ecosystem.

Minor changes

  • Removed the LP boost for voters. The boost was removed that voters receive when staking their LPs with gauges they voted for. This removes the need for a veNFT aggregator (more on this later...).
  • Removed negative voting. Negative voting was considered zero-sum for Solidly, so it was removed.
  • Team emissions. 3% of new emissions will be sent to a team address, meant to cover on-going expenses and future development.

Small changes

  • Modifiable fees. Fees on Velocimeter are 0.03% for stable pools and 0.25% for volatile pools.
  • Upgradeable veNFT art. Self-explanatory


Velocimeter is a fork of Velodrome Finance (opens in a new tab) which was adapted from Solidly, which codebase was open sourced in full (opens in a new tab) by Andre Cronje and his team in March 2022. Since its release in February on Fantom network, no security incidents related to Solidly smart contracts were reported.

Before moving forward, we'd like to remind to our users that security audits do not eliminate risks completely and that every user should read and agree to our legal disclaimer before using Velocimeter! For security reports, please reach out to us on Discord (opens in a new tab), or to the contacts provided on our Github page.


Solidly went through a partial (only the AMM part was sent for audit) security audit in January 30, 2022. The audit was done by PeckShield and did reveal 5 low-severity and 1 informal findings.

The full audit is available for download from Solidly git repository (opens in a new tab).

Velodrome went through a security audit and a peer review as part of the Code4rena bug bouncy contest. Finally, a full MythX deep scan on Velodrome contracts found just a handful of false-positive, low-severity issues reported.!

🚨 Velocimeter has NOT gone through any form of audit but rather adopts some from the Velodrome security procedures. The following point of code was changed.

  • Removal of Internal Fees The fees are now directed as external bribes so the need for many contracts became redundant, ie pairFees.sol, internalBribe.sol

VELODROME Security Procedures

The Code4rena contest results were released on August 8, 2022 and are available here (opens in a new tab). All high- or medium-risk issues were either resolved pre-deploy, except for one known issue (users can claim eligible rewards from ExternalBribe contracts more than once) that's currently being addressed (via a wrapped contract solution). No user funds are at risk from this vulnerability, and protocols who wish to deposit external bribes should get in contact with the core team to discuss alternative solutions. More information about our C4 contest can be found here.

Lastly, we also engaged with Coelacanth (@ImpossibleNFT (opens in a new tab)) for an informal full audit. Reports from that audit are available here (opens in a new tab).

Bug Bounty Programs

Velodrome ran a bug bounty contest on 23rd to 30th of May 2022 with awards up to $75,000 on Code4rena (opens in a new tab). The main scope of the contest was to cover all the new changes to the new and the original contracts.

Solidly's bug bounty program was launched in February 2022 on There were no claims for any of the $200,000 rewards (on their Github (opens in a new tab)).

V1 Contract Addresses (Not Valid Anymore)!

Contract NameContract AddressNetwork
FLOW0x2Baec546a92cA3469f71b7A091f7dF61e5569889 (opens in a new tab)Canto
GaugeFactory0xA472b00DdCf03f099dB954c70133dD6F0c5Fcc26 (opens in a new tab)Canto
BribeFactory0xa9fa811Cc3BDdF9ba8dAC435f26B77525Eb3B546 (opens in a new tab)Canto
WrappedBribeFactory0x3a9238141a4655d0dC907e18BBf9c21b843F09c7 (opens in a new tab)Canto
PairFactory0xb12aF64E128A1D4489D13314eB4Df81cBCE126aC (opens in a new tab)Canto
Router0x9B2920e72dF6E1A7053bEa7235c65079F5104398 (opens in a new tab)Canto
VelocimeterLibrary0x7517df74F63a440D5Fc7c6Ec8BC40560F32079a8 (opens in a new tab)Canto
VeArtProxy0x3fa6A5FCB6054133d82C8d46FbD42216a16431d0 (opens in a new tab)Canto
VotingEscrow0x990efF367C6c4aece43c1E98099061c897730F27 (opens in a new tab)Canto
RewardsDistributor0x19E1eef506eE61A58d1AAa11635361bBaE5D0676 (opens in a new tab)Canto
Voter0xC5B58aE761a77fF16d548dE9b42933c8FBfe4c33 (opens in a new tab)Canto
Minter0x0cEd59FF9BDe47b2F5F0EDD2FdFfA6a0116d91Cd (opens in a new tab)Canto